Once In A Lifetime Farm -  "For Excellence In Equine Care and Education"
 "It's a lot like nuts and bolts - if the rider's nuts, the horse bolts!" 

Please note: 
     Unfortunately we are no longer offering BASIC rough board. However, semi-rough board is still available and adjustments to what is listed are available to fit the needs of potential clients.  please see details below.

We've been busy! in 2014 OILF has done alot to improve our facility including

~the main barn has a new roof!
~fencing has been replaced
~the tack room is fully functional
~we added a deck overlooking the gorgeous views 
~ the driveway is better than ever! with material being added frequently
~freshly blazed trails. we now have more trails than ever and continue to expand (in the good weather months)


Our barn features:

  • 28 matted stalls in a heated isle.
  • A two horse indoor wash stall with hot water and NEW outdoor wash stall.
  • A large heated/ac lounge area which is wonderful for relaxing after a great ride or lesson.
  • The largest indoor in RI
  • Large heated/ac tack room
  • NEW Wood and electric fencing
  • Friendly and very well educated staff whose numbers are limited to provide quality individualized care for each and every horse.
  • An atmosphere that promotes learning, pleasure and relaxation while demoting drama, judgement and stress. 
  • Frequent boarder friendly events such as clinics, sorting and versatility


Semi-rough Board    

  • Am and Pm feeding with Poulin feed in many varieties fed 2 to 3 times a day, (supplements to be provided by horse owner)
  • High quality hay feed 3 times per day
  • Turn in and out
  • matted 11X12 stall
  • Pine (no dust) shavings
  • use of the heated 260X75 indoor
  • access to miles of trails
  • indoor wash stall with hot and cold water
  • 2 convenient tack rooms
  • All day grass turn out (** horses in individual turn out may have half day turn out, but no less than that**)
  • 24/7 onsite staff for safety and night check
  • Horse owner is responsible for cleaning of the stall, paddock and water bucket, blanket changes and handling for vet and farrier

Full Board:    
  • Feeding 2 to 3 times per day
  • Poulin feed in many varieties (supplements to be provided by horse owner)
  • High quality hay fed 3 time a day
  • Matted 11 X 12 stall
  • High quality pine  (no dust) shavings
  • Stalls cleaned daily
  • Water buckets cleaned and filled daily
  • Ground feeders cleaned on a daily basis
  • Turn in and out 
  • All day grass turn out ** horses in individual turn out may have half day turn out**
  • Use of our heated 260 X 75 indoor ring
  • Access to miles of trails
  • Indoor wash stalls with  hot and cold water
  • 2 convenient tack rooms
  • Electrical outlets at every other stall
  • 24/7 On-site staff for safety and night checks
  • Blanket changes
  • Boots if needed
  • Holding for vet and farrier

Worming Schedule:
Boarders are welcome to their own schedule of worming as long as it is done at-least 2X per year. The farm worms every 6 months( with fecal tests in between) to aid in the fight against wormer resistance. for those that are on the 6 month schedule, every horse is done on the same day. Every stall is stripped, and all the paddocks are cleaned so there is less chance of worm infestation. Boarders are responsible for the cost of the wormer.

Turn out options:
  1. Medium grass paddocks for individual turn out 
  2. Large grass paddocks for small group turn out 
  3. A 5.5 acre pasture for herd turn out


Lessons fees: (Casey)

Adult lessons $60

Youth lessons $50

Children 6 and under $30

Pony rides $15
    All lessons include education in tacking, riding, un-tacking and proper horse care. Each lesson is 1 hour long

Monthly packages ~ take $10 dollars off the total price when you pay one month at a time

Our "open trainer" policy...
Boarders have the option of riding with Casey or hiring a trainer of their choice.
Outside trainers must  
A. have insurance and  
B. pay a $20 ring fee for each lesson/training ride.
Other services offered:
-Full spectrum grooming 
(braiding, clipping, bathing, show grooming, etc).  
Please contact Casey directly for rates and appointments at 774~573~3030

 -Children's birthday parties
3.5 hour rental of the facility. includes pony rides for 1.5 hrs
Use of 1500 sq ft lounge (heat/ac) with tables and chairs, restroom and refrigerator. OILF staff services. 


-Arena rental 
(shows, clinics, driving, etc)


Handicap Access:
Handicap access to the over sized indoor arena, lounge, barn and restrooms ensures an enjoyable time for every visitor.

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