Once In A Lifetime Farm -  "For Excellence In Equine Care and Education"
"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence."

         We am very happy to announce that the property of 121 Tarklin road where Once In A Lifetime Farm resides has been sold. 
    Congratulations to Richard Levesque on your purchase of this beautiful property. Richard has many updates and upgrades planned for the facility that we are very excited about, including clearing land, new fencing, grass pasture, new lighting for the indoor arena and barn isle, an outdoor arena and much more! Stay tuned for updates as renovations progress.
          As for us.... Casey/ Once In A Lifetime Farm will be leasing the property and business will continue as usual ( only better!). With all the demands of owning a property n0 longer on my shoulders i am looking forward to expanding our lesson/training/competition program and focusing more on the horses and riders that make this job my passion. 

**We welcome all ages and riding disciplines to our facility.**

       Once In A Lifetime Farm is set on 18 picturesque acres in Smithfield, RI. Located near the heart of Greenville, it is only 20 minutes from Providence and 70 minutes from Boston. The farm is leased and managed by Casey Marcotte. We are a full care facility that offers boarding, lessons and training.  

Casey Marcotte (barn manager/riding instructor)

 Casey has been riding since 1998. Her passion and the bulk of her education is in dressage with additional education is huntseat, jumping, natural horsemanship/groundwork and working cattle diciplines. Casey  believes that well-rounded riders and horses are always the most successful. Casey coach’s beginners through intermediate huntseat/jumping, dressage, working cattle and western riders. she instills in her students the importance of   the foundations of gymnastic jumping, the importance of flat work and having a good seat and feel for the horse. With five years of natural horseman ship apprentice work and ten more putting it to use, Casey enjoys and specializes in re-habilitating abused, poorly trained or difficult horses. With the philosophy that “ Training horses is more like having a conversation with them and every conversation is different. There is no such thing as a “bad horse” just people that don’t know how to speak their language”
      As a young student Casey apprenticed with her first riding instructor, April Hart. During the apprenticeship Casey learned a great deal about not just riding horses but training and teaching as well. April's education is in Dressage and Natural Horsemanship. Casey was given the opportunity to work with many different horses from upper level dressage horses to unbroke and abused horses. Casey was also fortunate enough to compete extensively in many different diciplines becasue At the time of the apprenticeship Casey owned (and still does) a very talented, young, and very energetic Saddlebred named Athena. Athena's talent and high energy personality created a need and the opportunity for Casey to explore many diciplines and methods of training.
    In 2004, Casey started her high school career at Norfolk County Agricultural high school in Walpole Ma. As an animal science major Casey  was able to continue her riding career during class time. In addition to riding skills Norfolk Aggie provided Casey with an education in all parts of animal/horse care and management. 
    After Graduating in 2008 Casey applied to and was accepted into the Equine Business Management and Riding Program at Johnson & Wales University. Through her four years of college Casey took courses in all things business management to prepare her for her career as a business owner and farm management. In the Equine part of her curriculum Casey continued and expanded her riding skills, and also  took courses in anatomy/physiology, equine nutrition, foundation and history of horses and riding. 
   In 2010 Casey and her mom (Dee Marcotte) purchased the property of 121 Tarklin road in Smithfield, RI and started Once In A Lifetime Farm. Teaching, training horses and management of care has been Casey's career ever since, with many happy horses, owners and riders.  




Everyday: 8AM - 9PM

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